Regulation of the event

The event is to be regarded as a Randonnée, a cycling cicloturistica with French style start, non-competitive, under the aegis of ACSI Ciclismo.


The event is open to all cyclists of both sexes between 18 and 70 years of age, completed by the day before the race, with a valid membership card for the current year.


The possession of a valid sports licence is a compulsory requirement for participation in the event.

  1. a) Athletes registered in Italy

Athletes registered in Italy who meet one of the following requirements may participate:

  • athletes in possession of card ACSI valid for 2022
  • athletes in possession of card FCI(Federazione Ciclistica Italiana) valid for 2022
  • athletes in possession of card EPS bold for the year 2022 athletes in possession of a Bike Card FCI valid for the year 2022,tessera Bike Card FCI valida per l’anno 2022,to be presented together with the card of the EPS that issued it
  1. b) Athletes registered abroad

Foreign registered athletes in possession oflicense of a UCI-recognised federation(Union Cycliste Internationale) for 2022.


are NOT recognised: Cards:

  • issued by foreign sports promotion bodies not affiliated to the UCI, such as UFOLEP (France), VWB (Belgie), NTFU (Nederland), Federaçao Cicloturistica Portuguesa (Portugal), etc.
  • valid for the practice of other sports, such as triathlon or athletics.
  • c) Non-member athletes

All athletes who are not registered or in possession of non-recognised cards may participate through thesubscription of a basic ACSI membership with annual validity.

In this case, the presentation of :

  • fully completed membership application form provided by the organisation
  • colour passport photo in JPG format, with 300 dpi resolution and dimensions 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm
  • avalid medical certificate for competitive cycling activity, drafted
    • su modulistica ASL per i residenti in Italia
    • on the forms provided by the organisation for non-residents in Italy

The deadline for submitting complete documentation for the ACSI basic membership subscription is 20th September 2022

Those who do not present the complete documentation indicated above will not be allowed to take part in the event, and will not be entitled to any reimbursement of the registration fee paid.

The basic ACSI membership includes the following limits for insurance coverage:

  • Accidents: € 80,000.00 in the event of death, € 80,000.00 in the event of permanent invalidity with a 7% excess for competitions and 8% excess for training. € 20.00 daily allowance for hospitalisation, with an excess of 5 days and a maximum of 90 days, € 15.00 daily allowance for plaster casts, with an excess of 5 days and a maximum of 20 days.
  • Third party liability: single limit of € 1,500,000.00, with an excess of € 200.00 per training session.

All relevant documentation is available on the website


In addition to the compulsory insurance coverage provided by the sports card (license), the organisation also recommends taking out

  • travel insurance with medical cover and luggage protection
  • trip cancellation insurance

The event’s official travel agency is available to take out this insurance.


All road muscular bicycles or assisted bicycles (E-bikes) are allowed, which comply with the highway code and are in good condition.

Participants with e-bikes are obliged to carry a fully charged spare battery in their rucksacks at all times. The organisation reserves the right to charge the participant for recovery costs in the event of its negligence.


Registration for the event must be completed by

  • the official website of the event
  • one of the event’s official tour operators

For organisational reasons, no other forms of registration are allowed.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES>  20th September 2022





The participation fee includes:

  • souvenir T-shirt reserved only for members who have duly paid their registration fee by 20th September 2022
  • participation number
  • roadbook illustrating the stages
  • GPS track of individual stages
  • mechanical assistanceand recovery service in case of abandonment
  • stage-by-stage luggage transport servicewith a maximum of 1 item of luggage per participant, with maximum dimensions of 60x45x25 cm
  • 3 nights in a hotelfor all stages including
    • breakfast
    • Snaks
    • Dinner
    • Overnight stay

are not included in the fee:

  • transfer from the arrival airport to the first stage
  • transfer from the hotel of arrival to the airport of departure
  • the transfer of bulky luggage (plane bike bags, suitcases, etc.) directly from the hotel at the start of the first stage to the hotel at the finish of the last stage

These services can be purchased separately through the event registration system.


By registering for the event, the participant accepts all the clauses both of the Exhibition Regulations and of the General Conditions of Contract for the sale of tourist packages shown on the official website of the event.

The participation fee is intended as an all-inclusive tourist package and complies with the General Terms and Conditions for the sale of tourist packages, which can be found on the event’s official website.

The tourist package is marketed by:


Via Solaro 134 – 18038 San Remo – Italia Proprietà: NWT S.r.l. – Sede legale in Torino, Corso Palestro 9

Codice fiscale e P.IVA 10925080011 C.C.I.A.A. Torino R.E.A n. 1173522
Polizza assicurativa UNIPOLSAI 1124800004977 Licenza agenzia viaggi Regione Liguria n. 244


By signing the registration form, you declare that you have read and approved the regulations, that you are in good physical condition, that you are in possession of a card with competitive fitness issued after a sports medical examination, or that you are in possession of a sports medical certificate for the purpose of signing a day pass.


In the event of cancellation of participation in the Exhibition, the booking and cancellation policy set out in the Technical Data Sheet of the linked tourist package, published on the Exhibition’s official website, shall apply.


No ranking will be compiled at the end of the event. All participants will receive a finisher’s medal on the final evening.


The verification of the sports card (license), the handing over of the number and the material provided will take place

Failure to present the sporting card (license) indicated at the time of registration will constitute grounds for exclusion from the competition.


The meeting is scheduled for 8/10/2022, at the Hotel …


The start will be in the French manner.


The roadbook of the event contains the spaces where the stamps of the obligatory passage points must be placed.


It is compulsory to wear a type-approved hard hat even when climbing..

Participants must carry the following compulsory equipment at all times on pain of exclusion from the event:

  • GPS
  • Bicycle odometer
  • water bottle
  • Hat or headgear
  • Waterproof clothing
  • Charged mobile phone with charger
  • Anti-theft bicycle lock
  • spare inner tubes or tubulars
  • Bicycle battery charger, if you use an e-bike
  • Spare battery, if using an e-bike

The following equipment is also recommended:

  • comfortable shoes if cycling shoes are used,
  • sweatshirt
  • sun cream
  • anti-mosquito cream


In accordance with the regulations in force, accompanying vehicles are not allowed, except for those of the organisation.


All roads used by the event are OPEN to traffic. Absolute respect for and observance of the Highway Code applies.


A mechanical assistance service is foreseen for the recovery of participants and bikes leaving the event.


The event is divided into three stages, the full itinerary of which is indicated on the official event website and in the road book given to participants

stage n° From to Km
1 Assago Castellania 89.1
2 Castellania Savona 110.5
3 Savona Sanremo 95.4


Any complaints must be addressed to the competition jury within the terms of the regulations and accompanied by the fee laid down in the regulations. Complaints or collective complaints signed by more than one person are not allowed.


The award ceremony with the presentation of certificates of participation will take place in Sanremo.


The following behaviour will be sanctioned by disqualification of the competitor:

  • participate with the bib number of another runner
  • littering the streets
  • not observing traffic regulations
  • non rispettare il presente regolamento


By signing the registration form, also online, the competitor declares to be in possession of the medical certificate according to the Ministerial Decree of 18/02/82, to be in possession of a regular membership card, insurance against third parties and to have read and accepted these regulations.


By signing the registration form, also on-line, the competitor declares that he has read the privacy policy in accordance with the legislative decree. 196/2003 and subsequent amendments, made available on the event website, and expresses its informed consent to the use, by the organiser and its partners, of its personal data for the purposes of complying with administrative and accounting obligations and organisational requirements, relating to the management of registrations, the formation of the final time table and promotional initiatives connected with the event. The competitor also gives his/her informed consent to the use of his/her image for the promotional purposes of the event, including publication on websites, social networks, promotional DVDs, etc.


By signing and sending in the registration form, the competitor, together with the representative of his team, self-certifies the non-existence of any sporting, civil and/or criminal sanctions or investigations in progress against him for acts relating to doping and declares that he has not taken – and does not take – substances included on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s anti-doping list (WADA). False self-declaration will be prosecuted under the law. Professionals, elite (men and women) and under-23s are only admitted for promotional purposes and following an invitation from the organising committee.


The organisation reserves the right to make changes to the regulations. The official website will be considered the official organ of the event. All official communications will be made through the website.


The organising company declines all responsibility for any accidents or damage that may occur to participants, third parties or things before, during and after the event and reserves the right to accept entries at its sole discretion.


Attention Increasingly, there are gangs of specialised thieves targeting international cycle races. Never leave your vehicle unattended, especially with equipment and bicycles on board. The organisation shall not be liable for any theft of or damage to the vehicles and their contents.


Each participant is considered to be on a personal excursion: it is compulsory to observe the provisions of the highway code and traffic rules. The road will not be protected.

competent court.

In the event of legal disputes the competent court shall be that of Imperia.


If the race is cancelled due to force majeure, such as a hydrogeological alert issued by the competent authorities, the entry fee will not be refunded.